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Get the additional coverage you’re looking for with umbrella insurance

You can take extra precautions to guard your properties and assets by purchasing an umbrella insurance policy. Because Shultz Agency is independently owned, agents at Shultz and can find the most advantageous policy for both your wallet and your life.

Umbrella insurance policies give owners extra liability coverage and will pay for the remaining financial losses when other types of insurance like auto, homeowner, and watercraft are maxed out.


So, if an accident happens to your car, home, or watercraft, and your insurance policies for those assets reach their liability limits, your umbrella insurance policy will take over and cover the rest of the liability costs.

What's umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance coverage can also cover aspects of your life that you don’t necessarily have coverage for. Umbrella insurance can cover:


•  Injuries

•  Property damage

•  Lawsuits

•  Personal liability

What else does umbrella coverage do?






Ensure all areas of your life are covered with an umbrella insurance policy! Shultz Agency can shop around for the policy that fits you best!

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